A Star Is Born (2018)

There’s a friend of mine who came a long way to be here and she wrote a great song and I think she should sing it and it’s pretty fucking good.

Jack, A Star Is Born

It’s not that ‘A Star Is Born‘ was the greatest movie I saw in 2018 but it’s the movie that my teenage self would have fallen for. It’s a movie that made me feel nostalgic, for my teenage self, who always liked boys in bands even if Bradley Cooper’s beard would not have appealed. (My tastes have evolved, somewhat.)

As movies go, the plot is mostly predictable. Boy meets girl, they make beautiful music together, and apart, and some demons can’t be defeated.

What I liked about it: the music, Lady Gaga’s tremendous acting and the fact that they remained in love, with not a whisper of infidelity. Bradley Cooper’s voice – both speaking and singing – absolutely fascinated me because he’s capable of sounding so different. (And then I remembered that he voices Rocket Racoon, so his vocal dexterity probably shouldn’t have been such a revelation.)

As a hockey fan, of course, I did suffer from some severe cognitive dissonance for the first few scenes as I reminded myself that Jack wasn’t actually being played by Washington Capitals goalie, Braden Holtby. In my defence, he and his wife, Brandi, did dress up as Jack and Ally for Hallowe’en.

Overall, I’d give it ⭐️⭐️⭐️, which loosely translates to: glad I saw it, there are some great songs on the soundtrack, may even watch it again.

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