The Favourite (2018)

Sometimes a lady likes to have some fun.

Lady Sarah

A few minutes into “The Favourite” and I knew this was going to be a Yorgos Lanthimos special. The fish eye lens adds to the surreality and there’s an almost documentary-like feel to some of the early scenes.

This is a movie in which there is virtually no nudity and yet some very intensely intimate moments. Men are portrayed as more of a nuisance than of any use, whether that’s in the bedroom or in Parliament, and the power struggles between Harley (superbly played by Nicholas Hoult) and Godolphin and Marlborough are relegated to the background.

This isn’t always the most comfortable movie to watch but it’s also extremely difficult to look away from. The acting is absolutely superb. Olivia Colman as Queen Anne, portrays a very vulnerable monarch with an obstinate streak and Rachel Weisz absolutely steals the show, when Nicholas Hoult isn’t tugging it back from her. Emma Stone is extremely good as Abigail, who has a pretty tricky emotional arc to navigate, but she’s portrayed in a very credible and sympathetic manner.

“The Favourite” is an excellent movie and a quirky portrayal of an era of history about which I know nothing (so don’t ask me about historical accuracy). It’s well worth going to see for the fantastic acting, the comedy (both verbal and slapstick) and the unique perspective it presents.

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