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As of this week, I am sharing an office at work. It’s the first time in about four years that I’ve had to share an office but, you know, c’est la vie. The thing is, though, in the past few years, I’ve started and continued listening to various podcasts. In Ireland, ice hockey is a pretty niche interest so it would probably be pretty obnoxious to listen to ice hockey podcasts in a shared office, anyway, but I did get to thinking about my listening choices.

When I lived in England, I commuted from St Albans to Whitechapel and that was my prime podcast-listening time. I would also often have podcasts on at work, although the amount of attention I paid to them was debatable. Now, because I usually drive to work and the traffic in Dublin is The Worst, I make up most of my podcast-listening time in the car.

So, I thought I’d write a little about the podcasts I listen to, and whether they’re suitable for listening in a shared office, and whether they’re suitable for listening in a car, with the windows down, in standstill traffic.

The Steve Dangle Podcast

(Youtube link)
This was probably my gateway podcast. I used to watch Steve Dangle’s LFR videos pretty regularly so it’s a pretty obvious next step. It’s hosted by Steve Dangle and Adam Wylde, with Jesse Blake as the producer. Occasionally, they have guest hosts, who are invariably awesome. It’s one of my must-listen podcasts, keeping me up to date with the Maple Leafs, and with various other comings and goings in the league (and how they affect the Leafs, of course!)

The episodes are long, in the region of two hours if we’re lucky, and are generally very very entertaining, as well as informative. These guys are fans of the game and I think that’s what shines through the most. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes their takes (okay, Adam’s takes) are a little too hot for comfort (if you like Tom Wilson or, rather, if you don’t actively hate Tom Wilson, you may find Adam’s vehemence a little much). What I like, too, is that these guys are more than willing to admit when their team hasn’t performed well enough. It can be such a problem, with partisan hockey blogs and podcasts, to blame the refs or the opposing teams, but, by and large, Steve and Adam are more than happy to acknowledge their team’s deficiencies (although Steve’s anti-Bruins rant in the first round of the 2019 Stanley Cup Playoffs was hilarious).
Team specific? Yes, in that these are Leafs fans, but Steve, Adam and Jesse do cover hockey news from around the league.
How often? During the season, it’s twice weekly, but the off-season is dark and full of terrors (and not full of podcasts).
Can I listen to it in a shared office? Yes! Sometimes there are volume control issues if Steve is particularly shouty but swearing is usually a bug rather than a feature.
Can I listen to it in my car with the windows rolled down? Absolutely. Let the people of Dublin enjoy Steve’s breakdowns over Auston Matthews’ ice time.

Russian Machine Never Breaks

RMNB is my favourite Caps resource, and community, and this semi-regular podcast from the site’s founders, Ian Oland and Peter Hassett, is always very enjoyable; it’s informative and regularly hilarious. Both Ian and Peter are very knowledgeable about the Caps and their takes are always great to listen to. Some of their guests have been fantastic, including the queen of Caps beat writers, Isabelle Khurshudyan, and Caps goalie legend, Gavin McHale.
Team specific? Yes, Washington Capitals, baby.
How often? Sporadic to semi-regular; these guys have jobs that aren’t catering to my every whim, I guess.
Can I listen to it in a shared office? Absolutely, there’s usually a bit of non-hockey chat to ease us into an episode and to ease your officemates into a false sense of security.
Can I listen to it in my car with the windows rolled down? Absolutely, loud and proud.

Puck ‘Er Up

Hosted by my friends, Julie and Amy, this podcast is so much fun. Two women who know plenty about hockey, who aren’t afraid to speak their minds and who’ve structured this podcast so well: there are lowlight, highlights and thighlights, followed by listener questions which are invariably entertaining. There’s an ongoing team-specific make-up project (follow along here). One of the things that’s great as well, is that they often have guest hosts. I’ve been on the podcast, which was enormous fun, even though it came after a loss to the Leafs, but they also talk to well-known and lesser-known Caps fans. The episodes with Bryan, Fatou and Peter are unmissable.

Now, I know I’m biased because I love these women but they are passionate about hockey and also about social justice, if that phrase isn’t over-used. We love to think that hockey is for everyone but Julie and Amy are not afraid to call out nonsense when they see it. We need more women like them in hockey; smart and unafraid to talk about their hockey boyfriends in the same breadth as analysing player performance.

Team specific? Julie and Amy are Caps season ticket holders but while it’s heavily Caps, they cover a lot of current league affairs. Occasional segments have included Bryan Asks: Why Are The Devils Bad? and What’s The Message, Gary?
How often? Recorded every second Monday (so get your questions in), it’s bi-weekly.
Can I listen to it in a shared office? Probably not? There’s swearing and thirst and though this is a highly relatable podcast, it’s probably not safe for work.
Can I listen to it in my car with the windows rolled down? Well, I certainly do.

Staff and Graph

I love this podcast. It’s relatively new, and is hosted by Rachel Doerrie and Ian Tulloch, and, for someone like me, who doesn’t always get the statistics, this podcast breaks down hockey statistics and tactics in a very digestible way. It’s very current, which is great, and covers the seasonal issues, whether it’s the draft, or free agency, as well as specific concepts, including scoring metrics and scouting issues. I really recommend this one if you want to expand your knowledge about hockey.
Team specific? No – although Ian is a self-professed Leafs fan and Rachel worked for the Devils, this is a broad NHL podcast, covering general and specific issues.
How often? Between 10-14 days between episodes, depending on what’s going on in the league.
Can I listen to it in a shared office? Absolutely and I live in hope it makes me seem intelligent by proxy.
Can I listen to it in my car with the windows rolled down? For sure.

Post edited on 19 September to remove Spittin’ Chiclets. The player interviews are incredible but the parent company, and behaviour of some of the hosts, leaves a little to be desired.

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