A Simple Favour (2018)

Diana: You should embrace it. People love saints. 
Stephanie: Yeah, after they’re dead.

A Simple Favour is directed by Paul Feig and stars a trio of very beautiful and talented people in Anna Kendrick, Blake Lively and Henry Golding. All in all, a very enticing set-up, right?

The movie is about Stephanie (Kendrick), a widowed mother with a vlog, Emily (Lively), another mother with a very murky past, and Sean (Golding), who’s married to Emily. At first, Emily’s life seems so glamorous, but, between the martinis and the secrets, everything begins to unravel.

It is a murder mystery, and a black comedy, and a thriller and a really odd movie, rolled into one. I think I liked it but I also think it lacked a little in the execution. There is a rather unnecessary incest subplot which, in an age in which Lannisters and Targaryens were on prime time, is saying something. The first half of the movie is paced really well, with that undercurrent of dread gradually building up. The second half is more chaotic, partly by necessity, but I think the pacing fell down a little.

There are many things to enjoy about the movie, namely the three leads who are absolutely superb, but this is rather like an attempt to make a comedic version of Gone Girl that doesn’t quite hit the spot. I’d recommend it for the entertainment and style value but I felt it could have been better. Whether that’s because of my expectations of Paul Feig or because it actually could have been better is something I’ll leave to you.

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